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Hot Slut Tobi Gets Her Mouth And Ass Fucked

Thursday, August 5th, 2010

Tobi looks like an angel. Milky-white skin, long flowing blonde hair, and a face that says, “I’m a good girl.” The reality is, this girl is no angel. In fact, she’s one of the dirtiest little sluts ever to take a cock. When the lucky guys bends her over and plunges his full length into her tight wet pussy, she has other plans. She looks over her shoulder at him, and whispers, ” Fuck my ass.” He can’t believe his luck. Not only has he fucked this slut’s mouth, she now wants his cock up her tight ass!

Asian Babe Sucks And Rides A Huge Cock

Thursday, July 29th, 2010

Baylee is an Asian beauty who knows what she likes. And when what she likes is offered to her on a plate, as well as payment, she is more than ready to perform for the camera. Baylee’s so impressed with this dick, she decides she just has to fuck it, and climbs on top of him, impaling herself on his thick cock. Her juicy pussy lips cling to his meat as she slides up and down it, and she throws back her head in delight. The feeling of this thick cock spreading her little wet twat wide is amazing, and she can’t wait to see the massive load of spunk she’s going to coax out of it.

Sexy Model Alexa Gets Cum Splattered

Thursday, July 22nd, 2010

Alexa is one of those sluts every guy wants to meet. Up for anything, and more than willing to prove it to anyone that wants to give her tight little pussy a ride. So, when she sees an ad for swim-wear modeling, she jumps at the chance to show off her perfect body. But the gig falls through and the photographer tells her that he’s doing another photo shoot for a porno website. Alexa doesn’t even hesitate and he gets his hard cock out and her eyes light up like a Christmas tree, as she dives onto her knees and takes his full length into her mouth. This slut sucks like a commercial vacuum cleaner, so it’s no surprise that the photographer soon decides to take his throbbing dick out of her mouth, and plunge it straight into her tight wet pussy.

Beautiful Slut Rides Boss's Cock

Thursday, July 15th, 2010

This beautiful slut has everything a man could want to fuck – big, firm tits, a tight shaven pussy and a tongue piercing that she really knows how to use – and her lucky boss gets to fuck her every day.  She lets her boss strip her top off, to reveal her big, firm naked titties, and he’s soon squeezing them together, and licking her hard nipples. When she’s sure her boss has got her pussy nice and wet, she sits down on his cock and rides him, wriggling about on him, and swallowing his dick to the hilt.

Big Tittied Secretary Gets A Fuck and A Facial

Thursday, July 8th, 2010

When Vitto told his ary, Mackenzie, to come round his house, she thought she was in for a night of talking over more boring paperwork. She was surprised when he bent forward and kissed her. By the time he finally took his tongue out of her mouth, all thought’s of protest had gone.

It was all the invitation she needed, and she pulled his fly open, and took out his hard throbbing cock. Lying back, she lifted her legs up, exposing her shaven pink pussy. Vitto didn’t need telling what was required of him, and rammed his cock into her and fucked her like the slut she was.

Mackenzie rolled onto her back, and opened her lips wide, inviting him to cum in her mouth. Vitto hastily obliged, straddling her and wanking his throbbing cock until he shot a massive load of sticky spunk all over her face.

Hardcore Fucking And Sucking Workout

Thursday, May 27th, 2010

Bridget is a pretty girl, with a sexy athletic body. And she knows it! She’s used to the effect her body has on men, and when she catches her personal gym trainer staring at her pussy, while she was doing her stretching exercises, she decides to invite him home for some “extra training.” Check out all the hardcore action here.

Sexy Teens First Porn Shoot

Thursday, May 20th, 2010

This cute teen has been asking about what it’s like to do a porno for the past few weeks. This hot video shows what happened when she finally built up the courage to give it a try. Check out now for this full video and hundreds more!

Teens First Fuck on Camera

Thursday, May 6th, 2010

When this petite teens brand new boyfriend asked her to make a sex video with him she refused at first, but then her curiosity got the better of her. She quickly agreed and put on one of the best hardcore shows we’ve seen! See if all for yourself here!

BrandiLace Studies Her Skills and Practices Sucking Cock

Wednesday, May 9th, 2007

Brandi Lace was tired of studying for her finals and decided that maybe if she took a little break, she might be ready to focus on her studies again. So she called up her friend Derek to come over and help her unwind. Being the naughty little schoolgirl that she is, Brandi Lace pushed Derek onto the couch and started sucking him off eagerly.

Derek wasn’t minding this study break at all and was more than happy to do his part to help her relax. Of course, he knew that he was going to keep her plenty busy for awhile.

After she sucked him clean, she jumped on top of him and started riding him on the couch – maybe she could count this as a history lesson “Old West” style. Up and down, up and down until they couldn’t take it anymore.

Or could they try for more?

To help change things up, Derek pushed Brandi on her back and grabbed her leg to hold it in the air. With one leg in the air and her sweet hole taking in all of his dick, they were moaning and groaning before they even got started. Brandi was quite flexible, thankfully and was able to cum multiple times as he plunged into her. She was slightly turned on her side to make sure she was getting all the right places rubbed.

Then Brandi turned over onto her back and started playing with herself as Derek went for another round of ‘studying.’ They smacked up against each other like frenzied until finally Derek blew his load all over her stomach and they decided that she was relaxed enough.

Of course, no studying got done that day, but then again, Derek was the one that would be grading the tests, so Brandi knew that all of her extracurricular activities would not be ignored.

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Leah Loves Cock Down Her Throat

Thursday, April 12th, 2007

Leah is one chick who just loves getting fucked. She is one sexy little slut who wears short skirts and tube tops and is always looking for the attention of guys. She’s got a really great pair of tits and she knows how to hold a pose so that she can really look her best. She has a sexy body, a sexy cunt and a very sexy mouth. That is why I love to stick my cock in her mouth so much, so that she can give me one of her amazing blow jobs. She has a natural talent for sucking cock, and knows all the tricks of licking the sensitive spots and really giving a man’s cock a lot of pleasure so that he will almost come as soon as she starts working her magic with her mouth.

She just works her way up and down the shaft of the penis, with a little naughty smile on her face. She likes to pull her hair out of her face so that nothing gets in the way of the amazing blow job that she is giving. After a few minutes of getting my cock sucked, I love to stick my cock in her pussy and really just fuck her the old fashioned way. She really gets into it and tries to rub her clit up against my stomach as much as possible so that she can make herself come.

As soon as she comes, I will pull out of her cunt immediately and start giving my self a hand job right over her face. I like for her to lie back on her back and open her mouth so that I can just make myself come all over her face and mouth. There is nothing quite so sweet as seeing my semen all over Leah’s face.

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