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Alexandra Always Knew She Should Be a Porn Star

Wednesday, June 13th, 2007

Alexandra’s boyfriend, Eric, had always told her that she could be in porn. She loved watching pornos with her boyfriend and mimicking the actors in the scenes, getting her little pussy filled up by Eric’s hard dick. So when they were at a mall and were approached by a camera crew to be in an amateur porno, they immediately agreed and brought the camera crew back to their apartment.

Eric felt a little inhibited by the presence of strangers in their bedroom, but Alexandra started to strip almost as soon as the camera was set up. She pulled her skirt up to give the camera a good shot of her naked pussy before she pulled the skirt down over her hips and let it drop to the floor. She ripped her halter top off and squeezed her tits for the camera and for Eric, who was hard as a rock watching his uninhibited girlfriend.

Walking over to Eric, Alexandra pulled his shorts down and grabbed his dick. She teased the tip of his cock for a few seconds before devouring it. Her lips felt so good sliding up and down on his boner that Eric forgot they had company and he began to hump Alexandra’s pink mouth. He was about to explode in her mouth when she stopped and ordered him to the bed. He lay down and she straddled his cock, presenting her ass to the camera.

Spreading herself open so the camera could watch, Alexandra gripped Eric’s manhood and sat down on him. The camera filmed every inch of Eric’s dick sliding up into Alexandra’s hot hole. She bounced up and down on the cock, letting it drill into her wet cunt. Alexandra felt her pussy start to throb and then release a juicy orgasm all over Eric’s balls. As soon as she stopped quivering, Eric pulled out of her and squeezed his own cum into Alexandra’s hungry mouth.

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Barbara Loves Fucking Herself Hard in Both Holes

Wednesday, April 4th, 2007

Barbara is a sexy little slut that I dated for a few weeks recently. She used to love being filmed so I’d get her to masturbate and fuck herself for the camera and then show my friends what a slut I was dating. She would look right into the camera as she stripped and would like to get her nipples right up close to the lens so that all my friends would really get a good view of her charms. She really did get quite a kick out of it which was fine by us because we loved watching her little home movies.

Barbara is the type of girl that loves to fuck her self with her fingers and she goes about this with a lot of energy and speed. She really drives her fingers into her cunt vigorously and its great to see her tits shake with all of the excitement. In fact, she usually gets so carried away that she’ll scream out in pleasure as she rams her clit.

Once she really gets going however, its only a big huge dildo that can reach all of her most intimate and pleasurable spots. She’ll lie fully back with her eyes closed and her legs in the air and will die in pleasure as she uses both hands to ram the huge dildo in and out of herself. She just enjoys the whole thing so much that she has to keep going though. She’ll lick her fingers and get out a second dildo so that she can start fucking herself in the cunt and the ass at the same time. That is a sight worth seeing let me tell you. It just looks so sexy to see Barbara lying there getting a full fucking in both holes at the same time, and doing at all to herself.

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