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Nicky Puts on a Show

Friday, March 5th, 2010

When Nicky’s husband got home from work, she’d be waiting for him. She’d caught on to his games; she’d found the stash on his computer full of porn. And all of it, every last image or video, was from hidden cameras in hotel rooms, subway cars, bathroom stalls, anywhere where one could record two people in the act undetected.

From the very moment he came through the door, he knew something was up. Nicky greeted him with clothes off, hands on her hips with her perky tits standing at attention and her full, pink pussy lips shining with wetness. Smiling, he began to unbuckle his belt, when she reached forward and stopped him with a hand on the wrist. “Oh no,” she said. “You like to watch, don’t you? So… watch.”

She took him by the hand and led him to the bedroom where she d him into the chair they kept by the bed. Once again he tried to reach up to take her full round breasts into his hands, but she chastised him with a simple wave of the finger. “Just watch.”

She turned around and leaned over their bed, presenting him with a full, unobstructed view of her beautiful wet pussy, the rawest and most vibrant shade of lusty pink he’d ever seen. She cupped one of her breasts in one hand and reached back between her spread thighs with the other, stroking her perky clit and fingering her trembling pussy. She heard him breathing hard behind her, and smiled to herself. That really got the juices flowing and before long, she couldn’t take it anymore.

She turned herself over and saw that he was already playing with himself, desperately wanting her but unable to have her. She took out her favorite dildo, waving it in front of him with a pouty look and then went to work on her hungry pussy with deep, rhythmic thrusts that had her shaking all over with pleasure in only a few short minutes.

As her thrusts grew faster and faster and her moaning became louder, her hips began to thrust forward violently, totally out of control. She quickly withdrew the dildo and began furiously rubbing her hard clit, stroking herself to a screaming orgasm that soaked everything, including her husband, still frantic with the desire to touch her, just once

Renata Black Lets Loose With Her Blue Toy.

Monday, February 15th, 2010

While her company had just started a casual Friday policy, Renata Black was having none of it. Everyone else just threw on a pair of jeans and a sweatshirt, but Renata wanted to show off her body a bit more. Dressed in her bright red halter top, she smiled as she looked in the mirror, ready to show those frumpy office ladies what youthful beauty looked like.

As she stared in the mirror, she realized that her heart was beginning to race a bit. Renate checked the thermostat, but everything seemed fine. Looking at herself again, she realized that she was wet and definitely horny.

A quick check of the time let her know that she had a few minutes to spare before she would hit rush hour traffic. She began to rub her breasts from outside of her halter top. Her tits were pert and taut. While they weren’t eh biggest boobs on the block, they certainly got attention from the guys.

Taking her shirt off, she began to feel her nipples and breasts in her hands. Closing her eyes, she began to rub herself and slowly her hand moved toward her pants. Her pussy was so wet, she was sure that it showed through her panties.

She played and teased her clit until she was on the brink of cumming, but she wanted more than just a little clit loving. She wanted some cock. Out came her blue dildo and she licked it quickly to get it nice and wet for her hole. Of course, she was wet enough, but the taste of her past juices made her even more aroused.

Thrusting the dildo into her twat, she rocked her hips and came hard. It was the perfect start to a Friday morning, although Renata was tempted to simply call in.

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Tarra White Tests How Deep It Can Go.

Friday, February 5th, 2010

Tarra went to the club looking for a date. She had her knit top on and no bra so her little nipples stuck out through the fabric. She had on a tiny skirt that barely covered her perfect ass. She looked all over the club, and finally found a guy sitting in the corner. She approached him and asked if he wanted to go to the VIP room. He agreed.

Once they were alone in the VIP room, Tarra sat on the couch and spread her legs open. Her man’s eyes got big, but she said he could only watch and not touch her. As Tarra’s legs opened, she revealed her see-through lace panties. With her legs still spread, Tarra pulled her skirt up and rubbed her naked tits. Then she let her hands slid down to her crotch where she stroked her pussy through the lace panties. Finally, Tarra pulled off her panties and really started to have some fun.

She leaned back and opened her pussy for her guy’s viewing pleasure. She rubbed her clit with her fingertips, making her whole cunt completely wet. Once her fingers were covered with juice, Tarra slipped two fingers deep in her pussy. She finger fucked herself and came all over her hand. She licked her cream from her fingers and then grabbed the dildo in her purse. Tarra rubbed the dildo over her wet pussy to get it slick and moist. Then she edged the tip of the dildo over her little asshole and much to her guy’s shock, she jammed it into her tight asshole as hard as she could.

Tarra began fucking herself unmercifully with the huge dildo. The head of the dildo disappeared into her ass, and then the shaft sank deeper and deeper. While she was ramming the rod into her ass, Tarra started to cum again. She screamed as the dildo hit a new depth in her tight asshole and Tarra felt her juicy wetness slip from her cunt and onto her thighs.

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Watching Ursula Undress And Get Playful

Wednesday, November 14th, 2007

Ursula had a hard day. She worked at a fast food place and had been serving greasy burgers and fries for 8 hours. She was tired and frustrated. She d her job but was working her way through college so she couldn’t quit. On her way to her apartment, a guy stopped her and asked if she wanted to get naked and masturbate for a porn film. Ursula decided that the money was right, so she agreed.

Once she was in the studio and the camera was on, Ursula pulled her tits out of her top. She massaged her boobs, letting the camera watch as she squeezed each of her nipples. Then Ursula pulled her shorts off to reveal her tiny thong panties. She bent over in front of the camera and slowly stripped her panties off. As they pulled away from her cunt, the lens picked up how wet Ursula’s cunt was. Ursula parted her pussy lips with her fingers and moved her fingertips to her swollen clit. She rubbed herself until she was swollen and ready to cum. Then she looked around for a toy.

Next to her was a vibrator. Ursula grabbed it and slid it over her pussy lips. Her sticky, sweet juices soaked the vibrator and she easily plunged it deep into her cunt. She turned it on and began to fuck herself with the huge metal stick. As it slipped further into her pussy, Ursula felt an orgasm rising in her pussy. She pushed the vibrator against her g-spot and fucked herself harder and harder until a squirt of pussy cream came out of her and completely soaked the vibrator.

Once she had come all over the vibrator, she reached back and opened her asshole for the rod. She jammed it hard into her ass and arched against the vibrating metal rod as it penetrated her ass. Her tight hole took the entire vibrator inside, and the vibrations sent Ursula into another body-rocking orgasm.

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Sara Pleasures Her Slit

Wednesday, November 7th, 2007

Sara is a professional cheerleader for a football team. She’s in her early twenties and doesn’t have much experience with men. But what she lacks in actual experience she makes up for in masturbatory skill. Sara likes to watch the football players on the field and then go back to her apartment and fantasize about them taking her on the field. Sara may not like to expose her emotions, but she loves to expose her pussy and give herself an orgasm.

Sara came home from a game and was very horny. She just had to touch her pussy; her clit was throbbing after spending the whole day watching big, sweaty men run around a football field. Sara pulled her cheerleading top off over her head and unhooked her bra, letting her huge bouncy tits spill out. She rubbed her tits before she opened her legs and stroked her cunt though her soaking wet panties.

Sara slipped her panties down around her ankles and started to massage her special love bud. As her clit swelled to her fingers, she used her pussy juices of wet her fingertips sop they could easily slide into her tight little asshole. Sara began fingering her cunt while she stuck her finger into her asshole. Finally she decided she needed more than just her fingers, so she pulled out a vibrator.

The vibrations against her clit sent Sara over the edge: her pussy juices squirted from her cunt all over the vibrator. Once the vibrator was covered with her cum, she slid it deep into her asshole. The vibrating rod massaged her special spot again, making her cum a second time. The feeling of her pussy clenching over the shaking metal prick made her squirt one more time, completely covering her hands with her sticky sweetness.

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