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Hot Lawyer Shows Off for the Competition

Wednesday, August 29th, 2007

Belicia is a lawyer in a respectable law firm. She has a corner office with huge windows that look out over the city. Across the street there is a rival firm and the office directly across from hers looks into her window. The man in that office and Belicia have an ongoing flirtation. They each put on shows for each other, getting kinkier every time. But this time, Belicia won the game.

Sitting on her desk with her across the street neighbor looking on, Belicia spread her long legs open and showed him her panties. She opened her suit jacket to expose not a shirt but a sexy pink bustier. Belicia pulled the straps of the bustier down, revealing her perfect big breasts to her friend. She squeezed her nipples and opened her legs a little further, getting her neighbor ready for the real show.

Belicia pulled her skirt down over her hips and let it fall off. She reached down and pulled her wet panties away from her soaked pussy, then opened her thighs again, this time to show off her hot pink slit. As her neighbor watched, Belicia stroked her cunt, using her fingertips to bring herself to the first of many orgasms.

Belicia rubbed at her wetness, and then sunk first one finger and then two into her tight pussy hole. She finger fucked herself for her neighbor’s delight, using her palm to massage her swollen bud of a clit. Belicia then surprised her neighbor again by grabbing a dildo and penetrating her own snatch with it. She thrust the fake rod in and out of her pussy until she couldn’t wait another second: Belicia pulled the huge dildo from her pussy and released her flood of juice onto her desk. Belicia licked the last of her tasty sweetness off her fingers and then started all over again.

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