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Watching Ursula Undress And Get Playful

Wednesday, November 14th, 2007

Ursula had a hard day. She worked at a fast food place and had been serving greasy burgers and fries for 8 hours. She was tired and frustrated. She d her job but was working her way through college so she couldn’t quit. On her way to her apartment, a guy stopped her and asked if she wanted to get naked and masturbate for a porn film. Ursula decided that the money was right, so she agreed.

Once she was in the studio and the camera was on, Ursula pulled her tits out of her top. She massaged her boobs, letting the camera watch as she squeezed each of her nipples. Then Ursula pulled her shorts off to reveal her tiny thong panties. She bent over in front of the camera and slowly stripped her panties off. As they pulled away from her cunt, the lens picked up how wet Ursula’s cunt was. Ursula parted her pussy lips with her fingers and moved her fingertips to her swollen clit. She rubbed herself until she was swollen and ready to cum. Then she looked around for a toy.

Next to her was a vibrator. Ursula grabbed it and slid it over her pussy lips. Her sticky, sweet juices soaked the vibrator and she easily plunged it deep into her cunt. She turned it on and began to fuck herself with the huge metal stick. As it slipped further into her pussy, Ursula felt an orgasm rising in her pussy. She pushed the vibrator against her g-spot and fucked herself harder and harder until a squirt of pussy cream came out of her and completely soaked the vibrator.

Once she had come all over the vibrator, she reached back and opened her asshole for the rod. She jammed it hard into her ass and arched against the vibrating metal rod as it penetrated her ass. Her tight hole took the entire vibrator inside, and the vibrations sent Ursula into another body-rocking orgasm.

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