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Hailey is One Horny Cock Sucking Slut

Monday, April 16th, 2007

Hailey is such a hot bitch that she doesn’t even pretend to be modest. Most of the time when you come around to her house she’ll be just waering a robe or something like a towel and you will be able to get her naked in a matter of seconds. She is just so hot and sexy that you can’t help but follow her plan and strip her right down till she’s got on nothing but a thong.

Hailey gives really good blow jobs and I know that she likes to suck cock. She always goes for the dick with her mouth as soon as you are naked and she will wrap her hot wet mouth all over the cock and shaft as soon as she gets a sight of the dick. She bobs her head up and down on the dick and really works every little part of it with her great tongue. It feels so good that all you can do is lie back and let yourself enjoy it.

Another thing I love about Hailey is the way she screams and moans when she’s being fucked. If you just lie her back with her legs in the air you will be able to do anything you like to her and she will just have to scream and moan in pleasure while you fuck her cunt and she works her clit with her hand.

When she really gets close to coming she will get louder and louder and when I get close to coming I slip out of her cunt and start giving myself a rapid hand job. What I really like is if I get to come and spray my sperm all over her chest, her tits and her face. She loves the feeling of the warm come on her body.

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