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Victoria Loves to Masturbate and Fuck Her Golden Dildo

Wednesday, March 21st, 2007

Meet Victoria. She is one of my favourite little bitches. She has such a cute face, sexy ass, and fine cunt that there’s little more a man could want. She wears the sexiest little panties you could imagine and she is always giving me shows of her masturbating and pleasuring herself. I just love watching her play with that beautiful body of hers. And when she smiles at me like that, I could just die and go to heaven.

Victoria really likes fingering herself and whenever she does, she usually plays a lot with her panties and puts them in her mouth, or rubs them over her breasts. This really turns me on and I can feel my cock throb as I watch her. She also really likes getting her fingers right into her cunt. She’ll try out a lot of different positions to see which one feels the best and gives her the most pleasure. This is great because it allows you to watch her in all of these sexy as hell positions.

What I love is when Victoria turns around and shows me her ass as she fingers her cunt. I just love the way her butt looks while she’s fingering herself. What I like to watch even more though, is when she gets her dildo out and starts licking it and rubbing it around on her vagina and anus. I just can’t help but imagine that that big golden dildo of hers, is actually my cock that is sliding into her mouth, ramming her in the ass, and sliding in and out of her cunt. Man, it really is getting to the point when all that I can think about is fucking Victoria, or watching her pleasure herself again with her dildo. She is one of the most fuckable chicks I know.

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