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Adana Loves Fucking Older Men

Friday, April 23rd, 2010

Even though Adana was only 18, she wanted to fuck her father’s golfing partner, Frank. He was a big, burly guy who made her think dirty thoughts about his cock whenever she saw him. Watch as she jumps all over his cock until he blows his load in her face.

Danielle is a Secret Sex Goddess

Thursday, May 24th, 2007

Danielle didn’t look like she wanted to fuck anybody. She was shy at her young age of 18. Even though she was incredibly hot with her long tan legs, blonde hair and her slim perfect body, Danielle had a hard time opening up in public. But when she was alone with her boyfriend, Danielle blossomed into a sex goddess.

She went over to her boyfriend’s apartment and sat on the couch while he got her some water. When he returned to the room, Danielle had untied her halter top and her tiny, perky tits with their pink nipples greeted him. Danielle stood up to take off her tiny white shorts, and then sat again to open her legs for her boyfriend. She reached her hand down to her crotch and pulled her panties aside, rubbing her clit furiously. Her boyfriend took the cue and got undressed quickly.

He walked over to the couch and presented his hard dick to her waiting mouth. Danielle wasted no time in gobbling up her boyfriend’s huge member. She easily took his cock into her mouth and let him fuck her lips while she used her tongue to massage his head and shaft. After she sucked him for a few minutes, Danielle lay back on the couch and threw her legs up in the air. Her boyfriend grabbed her hips and pulled her towards his waiting cock.

His dick pressed into her wet twat and Danielle spread her legs wider to accommodate his size. Then he went to work, fucking Danielle’s little pussy until she screamed that she was cumming. He felt her juices cover his rod. He threw her legs to one side and continued to fuck her, making her cunt that much tighter. The added tightness was all he needed to cum – he pulled his cock up to Danielle’s face and came all over her.

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Tia Couldn't Resist Once He Began Sucking On Her Perfect Nipples

Tuesday, May 15th, 2007

Hot little Asian slut Tia has beautiful breasts – and she knows it. Every chance she gets, she pulls down her shirt to admire her rack. But when Brian comes over to help her with her computer, he can’t help but notice the black lace bra she is wearing and how her breasts are spilling over the edge. He needs to take a taste.

Tia becomes hot as Brian stares at her and starts to suck and lick and grind on her breasts. Tia loves it when men pay attention to her breasts and begins to get wet as he continues to lick her up and down.

But since Brian was so good at giving her tits the attention they deserve, she decides that sucking him off is the best way to repay the favor. She takes all of him into her mouth, up and down, as she stares up at him. Not a bad way to pay for some computer repairs.

Flipping her onto her back, Brian pounds into her sweet Asian hole and holds her leg on his shoulders at the same time. She screams as he continues to thrust in her, finally watching her cum.

To spice things up, Brian decides to hold onto Tia’s neck for a few seconds to see how much more excited she can get – he knows she wants to be a little risky with him. He puts his hand on her neck for just a few seconds as she cums and cums again.

Brian then fucks her from behind because he knows that she just wants more of his ten inch dick – and she can take it all. But she hasn’t gotten all of him just yet until he blows his load all over her face and mouth.

Tia thinks that her computer might be breaking down more often…

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Kat Wants to Be a Pornstar and Sucks and Fucks For a Chance

Tuesday, May 1st, 2007

Good things come in small packages, well, at least when you see Kat. Kat is a young, sexy, and slim woman with all of the right curves. She’s completely excited about becoming the next porn star that when a company calls her for an interview, she’s already excited about being on camera.

To make sure she will look good on film, Kat quickly strips down to reveal small natural breasts and an unshaven pussy. She’s a hot body that will be perfect for porn.

But it’s all about the skills you have too, so Kat’s hot body needs to show off her sucking for the company’s talent scout. She positions herself on the couch besides him and takes his humungous cock into her mouth without any problem.

She’s a natural at cock sucking, so she’s definitely scoring points with the porn scouts. She moves up and down his cock from the side angle without any troubles and the pleased expression on the scout’s face is telling her that she’s doing everything just right.

Of course, Kat can take a lot of cock at a time and this is certainly no bad thing.

Even when the porn scout thrusts into her from above, that hard dick slips into her hole easily and she enjoys a mix of pain and pleasure because of how tight she is. That’s going to win over the porn scout too, and not just for her interview.

The scout decides she needs one final test for her porn star dreams – cumming on her face. The scout rubs his dick along her chin as her innocent blue eyes look up at him. Soon, her chin is covered in his juices and she leans into the camera for her close up.

She’s going to be a star for sure.

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Simone Loves Taking Off Her Clothes and Riding Hard Dick

Tuesday, April 24th, 2007

At barely 18 years old, Simone learned she loved to fuck. She loved the feeling of a guy’s cock sliding into her tiny little pussy and stretching her wide open. Simone was a little hottie, petite and exotic with dark hair and even darker eyes. She could get any man she wanted, but she wanted Rob.

Rob had noticed her luscious little body. As soon as he saw the way her ass looked in her short skirt, he knew he had to fuck her sweet little pussy. Rob cornered Simone and backed her into the corner of the room. Rob kissed Simone, and then began to pull at her top. She stripped it off and then quickly unbuttoned her skirt and let it fall to the floor. She removed her bra and showed him her little titties. Rob needed to see her tight pussy, so he yanked off Simone’s panties to get a look at her twat.

Simone got on her knees and took Rob’s big cock out of his pants. She took him into her mouth and licked him, then began bobbing her head up and down on his dick. The more she sucked him, the more he wanted to be buried deep in her snatch. Rob pushed Simone to the floor and took her legs over his shoulders. He plunged his cock into her pussy, and she moaned and rocked forward to receive him.

As Rob thrust into her, she opened for him. Simone reached down and rubbed her clit, making herself cum all over his throbbing hard dick. Rob rolled Simone over onto her stomach and fucked her from behind. Her tight hole engulfed his rod, squeezing his juice to the head of his cock. Finally, Rob pulled out of Simone and unleashed his load all over her pretty face.

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First Timers Candi and Justin Suck and Fuck Like Pros

Thursday, April 19th, 2007

After a long day of playing volleyball on the beach with friends, Candi and Justin headed back to her parents’ beach house. They were gone for the weekend and Justin planned to take full advantage of the opportunity. Watching Candi bounce around all day in her tiny pink bikini was enough foreplay for Justin, and he immediately backed Candi up against the wall and kissed her, reaching his hand under her bikini top to pinch her tiny nipples.

Before Candi could think to object, Justin was untying her bikini top. He let it fall down, exposing her perky naked breasts. Justin sucked Candi’s tits while he worked to free his cock from his shorts. Then his hands wandered down to Candi’s bikini bottoms, where he put two fingers deep inside her pussy. She opened her legs wider, knowing what Justin wanted and not caring.

Justin shoved Candi to her knees and offered her his cock. She took it in her hand and looked to him for instructions. He told her to put it all in her mouth and suck him like a lollipop. Candi did just what he told her to do like the good little slut she was. She started to enjoy herself, licking and teasing the head of his prick with her tongue and even sucking his balls.

Once her bottoms were on the floor, Candi laid her naked body on the floor and opened her thighs, letting Justin see her pink virgin twat. He slid between her legs and entered her wet pussy. It took a few minutes to open her to accommodate his hard cock, but once she was there, he rode her hard, fucking her little pussy as hard as she could stand. Feeling his throbbing dick made Candi cum all over his rod, and seconds later he was filling her with his cream.

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Brianna Loves To Suck Cock and Swallow Cum

Wednesday, April 4th, 2007

Brianna is one sexy little cunt that just loves to suck cock. She will suck a man’s cock as soon as look at him and when we were all still in high school, we used to call her blow job Brianna, because she was rumoured to be the easiest girl in the whole school to convince to give you a good blow job. She will always start very slow, letting the prick slide slowly into her mouth and working her way up and down the long shaft so that she, and the lucky guy she is sucking off, can get the maximum amount of pleasure.

However, just because she loves giving blow jobs doesn’t mean that she doesn’t like getting her pussy fucked as much as the next girl. Brianna gets a lot of pleasure out of being fucked hard in the cunt, and she usually plays with her clit at the same time so that she can make certain that she enjoys a full orgasm, every time. She really enjoys sex and will smile a lot, and laugh when she is getting fucked. In fact, the harder you fuck her, the happier she is.

No matter what position you fuck Brianna in, she will usually play with her clit a little and try to get as much pleasure as she can out of the experience. She really does love being watched and filmed while she’s being fucked and that of course is one of the reasons we love her so much.

But what we love most of all, is for our come to spray right into Brianna’s mouth. She taunts and moans until you fill her mouth with sweet man juice and she just loves the taste so much that she wont be happy until you give her everything she wants.

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Anal Lesbian Slut Loves Licking Pussy

Friday, March 30th, 2007

There’s nothing quite so sweet as seeing two hot blonde chicks pleasure each other. Carmen is my favourite little lesbian slut in the whole world and she will spend hours telling other girls where to go and what to do to her delicious body. Carmen almost acts like a man, they way she’ll egg on the other girls to suck her nipples, lick them, and play with them in their mouths. She’s probably had more chicks than men sucking on her cute little tits and it’s no wonder since she is one of the most sexual lesbians I’ve ever seen.

Another thing that Carmen likes is playing with other girls’ vaginas. It’s like she’s got a vagina addiction. She just eats vagina like it tastes like chocolate. To her there is nothing in the world that tastes quite so sweet. She’ll tap the vagina, rub the clitoris and jam her tongue in and out of the cunt as if her tongue were a big, huge cock. The other girls say it drives them crazy with desire.

Carmen always wears really sexy clothes when she’s with the other girls and this is something that they all say really turns them on. One thing that Carmen has always had a bit of a fetish for is for other girls to play with her ass hole. She likes it if they will ram her ass with a dildo or with one of their fingers. Just ramming a finger in and out of Carmen’s ass is almost more pleasurable than having a cock ramming in and out of her pussy. She is one hot lesbian who knows what she likes and knows how to get it. And the other girls know how much she likes it and spank her ass while they pleasure her as punishment for being such a naughty lesbian slut.

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Krysta Loves To Have a Man Cum All Over Her Tiny Breasts

Wednesday, March 28th, 2007

Krysta has such sweet titties I always love to suck them. She’s really hot and has a great body and that is why she turns me on so much. If I can just get her home, and start stripping her, I know I’m going to end up one happy man. I’ve been attracted to Krysta for years and the more time we spend together, the more horny she makes me and the more I want to fuck her.

She also gives great blow jobs and if we’re having sex, I never pass up the opportunity to have her suck my cock. I’ve usually got to talk her into it, but when I do, it is worth the effort. Her mouth just feels so good when my cock is in it. It’s warm and wet and very soft. Krysta has a way of sucking my cock that just drives me wild with excitement.

When we fuck we usually use a condom but it still feels really good. I like to fuck Krysta reverse cow girl style, with her riding me like a cowgirl back to front. This gives me a really nice view of her ass and back, and I can reach around and grab her tits if I want. Krysta never looks like she’s enjoying it too much but it just feels so good.

After a bit of that I like to fuck her in the ass for a while. I’ll ram my cock in and out of her ass until I feel ready to come, but then I always pull out of her at the end so that I can come on her chest. I love seeing my come on her breasts and face and I always make certain that I’m able to pull out and shoot my lot on her tits.

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Pale Blonde Takes it Hard in Her Cunt

Friday, March 23rd, 2007

I’ve been going out with Amber for almost a year now, and I’m still really turned on by the sight of her breasts. Her tits are so white and pale that they seem very delicate to me. Amber just likes to lie back and close her eyes while I nibble on her titties. I’m not sure what she’s thinking about while I suck her tits.

Amber also gives the most amazing blow jobs. She works very slowly and lets the shaft of the penis go all the way inside her mouth. When the cock is in her mouth just as far as it can go, she’ll pause and keep it in there just for a second which really feels amazing.

Amber has a cute, pale little ass and I love to ram my cock in it. Her cunt is always so hot and dripping that my dick slides right in and it feels so good right from the start. I love the feeling of my dick sliding in and out of Amber’s cute ass, again and again. It just feels so amazing.

Usually after fucking Amber in the ass for a few minutes I get pretty close to reaching orgasm. I love coming right all over Amber’s face. She s it and always tries to talk her away around it, but I know what I want, and what I want is to shoot my load in that little bitch’s face. So I get Amber to lie back on the bed while I sit on her chest. Then I give myself a hand job while she just lies there with her eyes closed and looking angry. When I finally come it feels so good to be shooting hot sperm all over Ambers cute face. I know she s it but that just makes it feel even better.

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