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Jen Gets Wet For Her Huge Dildo

Thursday, June 24th, 2010

Jen has a boyfriend, but he doesn’t really know what he’s doing in the bedroom. Sure, he has a huge cock, and Jen loves the way it feels when he’s fucking her tight little pussy.

Michelle Fucks Her Own Ass

Thursday, May 13th, 2010

Michelle pulls out her favorite glass dildo and puts on an amazing show this week at! Watch as she fucks her own ass until she comes! Click here to see the full video.

Morgan Stuffs a Dildo into both Pink Holes

Thursday, April 15th, 2010

Morgan is a big breasted blonde bombshell with a thing dildo fucking herself in her sweet shaved pussy. In this hot photo set she decides to bury her dildo deep into her ass as well.

Tonya can't have enough of her dildo

Thursday, July 19th, 2007

As a real estate agent, Tonya had the opportunity to talk to many different people. She met people from all walks of life and often enjoyed their company while she introduced them to new neighborhoods and tried to find them new homes. Tonya’s boss told her he had a special client he wanted her to take care of personally. This guy was extremely rich and wanted to look at a multi-million dollar property, but warned Tonya that the client would be a hard sell. Tonya agreed.

The day she took the client to the property, Tonya wore the most provocative skirt she had. The skirt barely covered her perfect ass when she sat down, and she didn’t wear a top under the jacket. The client was impressed. He promised to buy the house if she showed him some of her “sales skills”. Tonya happily obliged.

She pulled her skirt up over her hips, letting him take in her long, tan thighs and her thong encased pussy. Then she stripped off the jacket and unhooked her bra. As it fell away, her beautiful tits popped out, her nipples erect. Tonya pulled her already wet panties away from her crotch, and spread her thighs, showing off her perfect pink folds.

Tonya rubbed her clit as her client watched. She fingered her throbbing hole and prepared herself for the ultimate penetration. Then she pulled a huge double sided dildo from her purse and rubbed it over her juicy twat. Once the dildo was sufficiently wet, Tonya plunged it deep into her cunt. She was overwhelmed at the sensation of fucking her own pussy, and she opened her legs further to accommodate the girth. Thrusting the dildo in and out of her hot hole made Tonya so hot that she easily pushed herself over the edge to a body shaking orgasm.

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Cloe Fucks Herself In the Ass While Her Neighbours Watch

Thursday, June 21st, 2007

Cloe was never one for privacy. In fact, she never closed her blinds, offering a tantalizing look into her erotic home habits to all of her neighbors. Almost every day, the guys who lived behind Cloe would pull out their binoculars and their cocks and get off from some crazy sexual antics that Cloe would be putting on. On one particular Friday night, Cloe decided to do a little masturbatory theatre for her backyard buddies.

Cloe began a seductive strip tease. She took off her top and fondled her breasts through her bra. She slipped off the straps and unhooked the bra, letting it fall away so they could see her huge tits and perfect pink nipples. Cloe licked her own nipples and squeezed her tits together. Then she lay on her bed, opening her legs for her peeping-toms. She stripped off her panties and showed them her quivering twat. Cloe stroked her clit a little before the real fun began.

Once she was wet enough, Cloe reached around to her asshole and began to finger herself, opening her hole for penetration. Then she put her fingers together and shoved her hand into her asshole. She fisted her ass, thrusting her hand in and out of her hole. She continued stroking her clit and produced a pussy throbbing orgasm.

She then pulled out a huge dildo. She rubbed it on her wet twat to lubricate it before she drove it deep and hard into her already wide open ass. Watching a woman fucking herself in the ass was the kinkiest thing the guys had even seen, and they jizzed all over their hands while Cloe brought herself to another squirting orgasm.

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Laura Likes to be Told How to Play With Herself

Wednesday, May 30th, 2007

Laura is the CEO of a large company. She loves being in charge all the time, hiring and firing people at will and scaring the hell out of her coworkers. In fact, most of her employees think Laura is a complete bitch and has control issues. But they don’t know the private Laura.

Laura’s greatest pleasure is humiliating herself for the pleasure of anonymous viewers on her website. Laura gets off from doing what her viewers want, stripping and bending over, showing her private parts to the web cam before she lets these strangers int that she violates herself with huge dildos.

One Friday night, after a long week of fucking other people over, Laura got in front of her camera, ready to get the sexual punishment she deserved. Her viewers told her to get naked so they could see her naked body. Laura pulled down her skirt, showing her panties to the camera. Then she pulled her top up over her enormous tits. She knew she was a dirty whore, but she loved it.

Laura pulled down her panties, and showed her pussy to the camera. Like the slut she was, Laura got wet just exposing her little twat. She used her fingers to open herself up, finding her clit and rubbing herself to a quick orgasm for the benefits of her viewers.

Then Laura got on her back and spread her long legs wide open for the camera, and she grabbed a huge dildo, a recommendation from her internet site fans. She penetrated her asshole with the dildo, shoving it in as hard as she could so she would feel the pain. She fucked herself for a few minutes, driving her pussy to orgasm with the thrusting and fingering. Finally, Laura exploded for the camera, drenching her thighs and the dildo with her pussy juice.

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Petra Has a Serious Crush on Her Dildo

Thursday, May 24th, 2007

Being Russian and a hottie is often a plus for women, and Petra found this to be very true in her own life. Men bought her drinks at the bar, they fought over who got to dance with her at clubs, and they fawned over her whenever she walked into a room. But even though Petra loved men and loved to seduce them, she had a regular lover that she preferred to any other.

Petra had a major crush on her dildo. Something about its long, sleek, clear plastic shaft made her wet just thinking about it. Many nights, Petra would forgo human male penetration and go home alone to spend some time fucking herself.

Once Petra would get home from the clubs, she would begin to rub herself all over, running her hands over her tits and crotch. She would take off her top, revealing one nipple at a time, pinching and squeezing her pink tits to heighten her arousal. Then she would run her hands under her skirt, massaging her little clit through her panties and completely soaking them. When she was ready Petra would pull down her panties and spread her legs, opening her flower so she could admire her swollen clit.

Petra used her fingers to get herself ready for the dildo. She manipulated her little bud, and she slid her fingers into her pussy, opening her hole in preparation for her huge plastic cock. Then she would grab her dildo and slowly drive it into her snatch, moaning as it hit her in exactly the right place.

She would be so wound up that she would cum almost immediately, letting her pussy juice soak her asshole for an anal fuck. Sliding the dildo into her asshole made Petra cum again almost immediately. The thrusting of the dildo in her most private place even made Petra’s pussy contract again with another orgasmic shudder.

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Danielle is a Secret Sex Goddess

Thursday, May 24th, 2007

Danielle didn’t look like she wanted to fuck anybody. She was shy at her young age of 18. Even though she was incredibly hot with her long tan legs, blonde hair and her slim perfect body, Danielle had a hard time opening up in public. But when she was alone with her boyfriend, Danielle blossomed into a sex goddess.

She went over to her boyfriend’s apartment and sat on the couch while he got her some water. When he returned to the room, Danielle had untied her halter top and her tiny, perky tits with their pink nipples greeted him. Danielle stood up to take off her tiny white shorts, and then sat again to open her legs for her boyfriend. She reached her hand down to her crotch and pulled her panties aside, rubbing her clit furiously. Her boyfriend took the cue and got undressed quickly.

He walked over to the couch and presented his hard dick to her waiting mouth. Danielle wasted no time in gobbling up her boyfriend’s huge member. She easily took his cock into her mouth and let him fuck her lips while she used her tongue to massage his head and shaft. After she sucked him for a few minutes, Danielle lay back on the couch and threw her legs up in the air. Her boyfriend grabbed her hips and pulled her towards his waiting cock.

His dick pressed into her wet twat and Danielle spread her legs wider to accommodate his size. Then he went to work, fucking Danielle’s little pussy until she screamed that she was cumming. He felt her juices cover his rod. He threw her legs to one side and continued to fuck her, making her cunt that much tighter. The added tightness was all he needed to cum – he pulled his cock up to Danielle’s face and came all over her.

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Romana Keeps Herself Company and Makes Herself Cum

Wednesday, May 16th, 2007

When Romana married her husband, she thought she loved him. He was a good lover and made her feel special by telling her she was the only woman he could ever love. After a few years of marriage, it became clear to Romana that her husband could love another woman: his ary. Romana was left with a cold bed at night. So, in order to turn up the heat, Romana began masturbating on her web cam, letting strangers watch her make herself cum.

Every night, while her husband was still at the office, Romana would put on sexy lingerie and slowly strip for the web cam. She slid her bra straps down, rubbing her tits though the fabric. Then she teased the camera, undoing her bra and slowly taking it off, making her viewer beg to see her perfect nipples. Once she revealed her gorgeous tits, she would sit down and spread her thighs, flashing glimpses of her twat and massaging her clit through the lace until she couldn’t stand it any longer: she would rip off her panties so she could touch her bare pussy.

Using her fingertips, she would bring herself to a gentle orgasm, wetting her fingers with her own juices. After she came the first time, she would grab a dildo and suck it, getting herself ready to cum again, but harder this time. After she lubricated the huge glass rod, she would rub her swollen slit with it. Then, spreading herself open for the camera, she would shove the dildo into her hot hole, sliding it as deep as it could go. Thrusting it in and out of her pussy, she let her juice spill onto her asshole. Romana took the dildo out and began fucking her ass with it, cumming for the camera and screaming with pleasure from her mind blowing orgasm.

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Sexy Adela Loves to Fuck Her Own Asshole

Wednesday, May 9th, 2007

Adela is a hot little slut, and she definitely knows it… you can see it in her eyes as she runs her hands along her amazing body and plays with her sweet little tits. From the moment her bra comes off, she can’t keep her hands off of those tits and her perky nipples; the way she’s grinning, you can tell that she loves having them touched. Her tits don’t hold her interest for too long, though, because she can’t wait to get her panties off and start playing with her sweet little pussy. Wearing nothing but a pair of fuck-me heels, she spreads her legs wide on the couch and lets her fingers start running wild on her cunt. This bitch even licks and sucks her fingers clean afterward!

Breaking out a huge metallic vibrator, she starts rubbing it all over her pussy and her clit while she keeps sucking her fingers and playing with her tits. Working herself into a frenzy, she keeps moving the vibe around until it’s absolutely covered in her juices… and then like any good slut, she starts working her pussy with her hand again while she sucks her own pussy juice off of the shiny vibrator.

Eventually she’s got to have that thing in her, though, but she doesn’t take it like most people would expect. Without a moment’s hesitation, Adela gets on her knees and slowly starts taking long, deep strokes from the vibe right in her tight little ass! Well, maybe “tight” is the wrong word to use here… it’s obvious from the way she takes it that she has experience riding the a-train. As you might expect from this slut, her free hand is hard at work on her pussy the whole time and you can see she’s enjoying it from the way that her eyes have glazed over in lust.

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