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Candi Sucks and Rides Justin's Big Cock

Monday, March 19th, 2007

Candi is one of the hottest chicks I’ve fucked in a while. She’s a little shy but she has an amazing body. Just look at those tits. Have you ever seen such amazing, cute little nipples. I couldn’t help but get those little babies into my mouth as soon as possible. And Candi can give amazing blow jobs. If there is one thing that chick knows how to do, it’s suck cock. She bobs her head back and forth very fast, as she lets your dick slide in and out of her mouth, again and again.

I could happily let her suck my cock all day but sooner or later I just feel like if I don’t get my cock in her cunt soon, I’m going to explode. And while I have nothing against blowing my load all over Candi’s face, I do like to make sure that I get my fair share of pussy and ass.

I like for candi to sit on my lap with her back to me, so that I can just bounce her up and down on my cock and have her the way I like her. It feels great to be fucking her like that, and she bounces like a little bunny rabbit on my dick. But then I also like to have her from behind and that is why I kneel her down on the rug with her face in the carpey and her ass sticking up. That way I can just fuck her doggy style until I’m about to come. Remember what I said about blowing my load in her face, well she doesn’t like it that much but I usually try to pull out of her at the last minute, flip her over and let my cum pour out onto her face.

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