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Charlotte Just Loves Riding Cock Doggie Style

Wednesday, March 21st, 2007

Charlotte is such a fucking hot bitch that it is very difficult not to get a hard on when she is around. She just looks so sexy and cute all the time, and I always know that she is ready for a quick fuck whenever I’m up for it. She’s got nice little tits with pretty, pink nipples and she’s got a great looking clit and pussy too. There’s nothing I enjoy more than sitting on the sofa with her and making out for a while.

I really like fucking Charlotte from behind. She’s got a very attractive neck and back and I look to look at that while my cock is sliding in and out of her cunt. She enjoys it too and has a lot of fun when she’s being fucked. She usually starts off quite relaxed and happy just to sit on my cock and let me bounce her up and down, but after a few minutes she usually starts getting pretty excited and horny. Then she slides over and just wants me to fuck her in the pussy hard and fast. I love fucking her pussy because she moans in pleasure and this really turns me on.

Charlotte also loves the feeling of dripping cum on her face so when we fuck, I’ll usually pull out of her cunt when I get near orgasm and get her to kneel down in front of me. Then I’ll finish myself of with a nice hand job and let my cum spray all over Charlotte’s face. Charlotte always smiles when this happens and opens her mouth and tries to let as much of the cum as possible slide into her mouth, over her lips and down her chest and over her tits. Fucking Charlotte is like being in heaven with a goddess.

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