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Moaning and Screaming in Pleasure, Jen Rides Her Massive Dildo

Thursday, March 22nd, 2007

Jen is such a kinky little bitch, she’ll take off all of her clothes for you with the slightest provocation. She loves to just start twisting her nipples and rubbing her breasts while you watch, and she’ll even shimmy up her skirt so that you can see her nice, clean white panties. She really wears a lot of make up and this makes her look quite slutty but it is also quite a turn on when she is topless in front of you.

Jen has got a pretty sweet ass and pussy and it’s nice when she stands up and turns around so that you can see everything that she has to offer. Her pussy is a deep pink and is nicely shaved. Her clit is full and luscious and it really looks nice when Jen is rubbing it wither her fingers. Jen also has an amazing little ass hole. It just looks so cute and sweet, and makes you feel like licking it or sticking your cock in it for good measure.

Jen gets a lot of pleasure out of rubbing her clit and ass and playing with herself and she always says that there’s nothing she likes more than for a boy to watch her fuck herself with a dildo. She really strikes some amazing poses and can look quite sexy when she’s up on the sofa with her legs spread out and her high heel shoes up in the air and a dildo in her cunt.

Jen can really get carried away when she’s fucking herself and can scream out in pleasure as she reaches an amazing orgasm. This usually happens when she is ramming her big massive dildo up her ass and rubbing her clit with her hand or finger fucking herself with a lot of energy.

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