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Tonya can't have enough of her dildo

Thursday, July 19th, 2007

As a real estate agent, Tonya had the opportunity to talk to many different people. She met people from all walks of life and often enjoyed their company while she introduced them to new neighborhoods and tried to find them new homes. Tonya’s boss told her he had a special client he wanted her to take care of personally. This guy was extremely rich and wanted to look at a multi-million dollar property, but warned Tonya that the client would be a hard sell. Tonya agreed.

The day she took the client to the property, Tonya wore the most provocative skirt she had. The skirt barely covered her perfect ass when she sat down, and she didn’t wear a top under the jacket. The client was impressed. He promised to buy the house if she showed him some of her “sales skills”. Tonya happily obliged.

She pulled her skirt up over her hips, letting him take in her long, tan thighs and her thong encased pussy. Then she stripped off the jacket and unhooked her bra. As it fell away, her beautiful tits popped out, her nipples erect. Tonya pulled her already wet panties away from her crotch, and spread her thighs, showing off her perfect pink folds.

Tonya rubbed her clit as her client watched. She fingered her throbbing hole and prepared herself for the ultimate penetration. Then she pulled a huge double sided dildo from her purse and rubbed it over her juicy twat. Once the dildo was sufficiently wet, Tonya plunged it deep into her cunt. She was overwhelmed at the sensation of fucking her own pussy, and she opened her legs further to accommodate the girth. Thrusting the dildo in and out of her hot hole made Tonya so hot that she easily pushed herself over the edge to a body shaking orgasm.

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Michelle Loves to Anal Fuck Herself When She's Drunk

Friday, March 23rd, 2007

When I’m horny, there’s nothing a like more than to call up Michelle and have her come over to my place for a little fun and games. Michelle really has the best looking nipples you’ll ever come across. They are so pink and pert and firm. They stand erect like little soldiers and they taste even better than they look. Michelle is actually quite a wild little bitch and if you manage to get her drinking, she’ll be stripping off the clothes in no time at all. I love fucking her in the cunt and ass, but I can also take a lot of pleasure in watching her finger fuck herself.

Michelle loves rubbing her clit with her hand and she will frequently rub herself for so long, and so hard, that she’ll start to make her cute little cunt all red and sore. She doesn’t feel it though because she’s just so busy enjoying the sensation that she’s getting as her hand keeps sliding over her cunt. However, I can’t help feel a bit sorry for her sore cunt, and I’ll usually try to get in there and lick it better for her, so that she can continue. She loves it when I do that.

As you can see, Michelle is actually quite a sporty little chick and I knoow that that turns a lot of guys on. She also has a really great looking anus. It’s the type of ass hole that you’d love to just stick your cock in. Although it can be quite difficult to persuade Michelle to let you do that. I find that if you let her start herself off with a nice big dildo, then she’ll let you put your cock in her ass after a few minutes. She just needs to get her ass in the mood.

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