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Pale Blonde Takes it Hard in Her Cunt

Friday, March 23rd, 2007

I’ve been going out with Amber for almost a year now, and I’m still really turned on by the sight of her breasts. Her tits are so white and pale that they seem very delicate to me. Amber just likes to lie back and close her eyes while I nibble on her titties. I’m not sure what she’s thinking about while I suck her tits.

Amber also gives the most amazing blow jobs. She works very slowly and lets the shaft of the penis go all the way inside her mouth. When the cock is in her mouth just as far as it can go, she’ll pause and keep it in there just for a second which really feels amazing.

Amber has a cute, pale little ass and I love to ram my cock in it. Her cunt is always so hot and dripping that my dick slides right in and it feels so good right from the start. I love the feeling of my dick sliding in and out of Amber’s cute ass, again and again. It just feels so amazing.

Usually after fucking Amber in the ass for a few minutes I get pretty close to reaching orgasm. I love coming right all over Amber’s face. She s it and always tries to talk her away around it, but I know what I want, and what I want is to shoot my load in that little bitch’s face. So I get Amber to lie back on the bed while I sit on her chest. Then I give myself a hand job while she just lies there with her eyes closed and looking angry. When I finally come it feels so good to be shooting hot sperm all over Ambers cute face. I know she s it but that just makes it feel even better.

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