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Anal Lesbian Slut Loves Licking Pussy

Friday, March 30th, 2007

There’s nothing quite so sweet as seeing two hot blonde chicks pleasure each other. Carmen is my favourite little lesbian slut in the whole world and she will spend hours telling other girls where to go and what to do to her delicious body. Carmen almost acts like a man, they way she’ll egg on the other girls to suck her nipples, lick them, and play with them in their mouths. She’s probably had more chicks than men sucking on her cute little tits and it’s no wonder since she is one of the most sexual lesbians I’ve ever seen.

Another thing that Carmen likes is playing with other girls’ vaginas. It’s like she’s got a vagina addiction. She just eats vagina like it tastes like chocolate. To her there is nothing in the world that tastes quite so sweet. She’ll tap the vagina, rub the clitoris and jam her tongue in and out of the cunt as if her tongue were a big, huge cock. The other girls say it drives them crazy with desire.

Carmen always wears really sexy clothes when she’s with the other girls and this is something that they all say really turns them on. One thing that Carmen has always had a bit of a fetish for is for other girls to play with her ass hole. She likes it if they will ram her ass with a dildo or with one of their fingers. Just ramming a finger in and out of Carmen’s ass is almost more pleasurable than having a cock ramming in and out of her pussy. She is one hot lesbian who knows what she likes and knows how to get it. And the other girls know how much she likes it and spank her ass while they pleasure her as punishment for being such a naughty lesbian slut.

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